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Welcome to the Stallion Gallery.

Leading Arms and Ammunition Dealers In India.


Stallion Gallery is a Marketing website which aims to Promote the Arms and AmmunitionBrands in India.The main goal for starting the website is to educate the Indian Gun Enthusiasts about the various Indian products that are manufactured in India along with their specification and help them choose right product at a right price. Stallion Gallery is located in the heart of Paradise on Earth "The Jammu and Kashmir".


 We provide the Best arms and Ammunition including the Following Items:

  • The best Shot Guns Dealers in Jammu and Kashmir Region and across the India.
  • Best Airguns in India.
  • Arms produced in an Indian Ordnance Factory.
  • DBBL Guns and SBBL Guns.
  • Pistols
  • Revolvers.
  • Over and Under shotguns.
  • Side by Side Shot Guns.
  • Single Barrel shot Guns.
  • Air Rifles.
  • Ammunition.
  • Accessories.